Meeting Pods & Third Space Furniture

Agile and open-plan working practices have driven the development of a whole new style of workspace furniture.

Quiet meeting or study pods, relaxed and casual furniture, office phone booths and communal work benches are just a few of the innovations that have been finding their way into our workplaces, schools and colleges in recent times.

As workforces become more mobile this trend is set to continue. With increasing numbers of staff working wholly or partially off-site or from home the traditional concept of one desk per staff member becomes obsolete.

Replacing personal desks with a hot-desking solution tailored to the number of staff present at any one time frees up floor space which can be well utilised by a third space solution incorporating a blend of collaborative meeting points and focussed work areas.

Forward-thinking employers seeking to attract and retain top talent are increasingly turning to more casual interiors, often blurring the lines between work, coffee shop and home. The options for creativity are endless, but the sheer choice can be confusing. Our design team would love to help you: we can produce space-plans and 3D renders to help you visualise your concept, and then we can bring your new space to life!

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